Fly Fishing Tutoring

Learn the art of Fly Fishing surrounded by native New Zealand bush

 $60 per hour

Learn a new skill during your stay.  Shane would love to share with you, the knowledge and passion for Fly Fishing that he's gained over the decades in the sport.

Guided Fly Fishing

Cast into some of Shane's secret spots, some just out the back door.

 $60 per hour

Shane will guide you to his secret fishing holes, some just 30' from your stay! Rod and waders provided for one person. 2 hours (if you can't hook a fish we'll refund you $50.00).

Smoke your Catch

There's nothing quite like the taste of your own smoked fish

There's no greater feeling than providing for your family, and more so when the hard work is done for you. Shane will prep and smoke your catch on site (provided it's of legal size), so that it's ready to share for dinner.

Craft Tutoring

Something for the ladies, if the men have gone fishing

Debi can teach how to make teddy bears, how to make quilts, and how to scrapbook in her large well-stocked craft room.

Auckland or Rotorua Airport Return

You don't need a rental car to come join us

From $75 return

For your convenience we can arrange pickup and return to Rotorua Airport (our local airport) or Auckland International Airports, giving you one less thing to worry about during your stay.